Webinaari | Advantages of digital learning - and our new learning platform Learning Manager 

Advantages of digital learning in OHS to support safer workplaces (EN)


Nimi: Advantages of digital learning in OHS to support safer workplaces

Päivämäärä: perjantai 28.05.2021

Aika: 11:00-11:30

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In this webinar our talented webinar speakers will address the advantages of digital learning and the importance of sharing knowledge to create safer workplaces.  You will also get an overview of our learning platform - Learning Manager.

A Learning Management System (LMS) is often used to create, deliver and manage training in organisations. Training needed internally, for customers, partners and employees. An LMS can be used to track training performance and achievements.

Get a chance to ask questions to the product manager of Learning Manager which will be answered live during the webinar. Sign up today!




Maria Pettersson
Maria Pettersson
Product Specialist/Instructor, EcoOnline

Every year, Maria meets hundreds of people who work with chemicals, chemical documentation and issues concerning safe chemical handling. Maria is a product specialist for Chemical Manager and a educator in EcoOnline.


Tormod Mikalsen Nedreberg
Tormod Mikalsen Nedreberg
Product Manager, New Products, EcoOnline

Many people recognize Tormod as a presenter at EcoOnline's yearly seminar. Tormod is usually Product Manager for new products and has, among other things, a master's degree in innovation and management. During 8 years at EcoOnline, he has worked extensively with issues related to making our customers' workplaces safer.